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Website and email audits save you money and build business

CDA content audits assess all or part of your website. We target critical areas such as key landing pages, online transaction forms, or registration pages.

We also audit emails to help you create better campaigns, regular contact points such as order confirmations, or renewals notifications and e-newsletters.

We audit any size of site, or email volume and our recommendations include a plan of work.

Choose from:
Websites - critical content Emails – overview audit Competitor benchmarks
Focusing on the critical top level or key pages of your website – eg help, product landing or transaction pages. Assessing a cross section of emails for marketing campaigns, automated verification, newsletters etc. Can be added to email and website audits for additional insight.
We make practical and targeted recommendations including content style, tone of voice and structuring to improve effectiveness. We deliver a detailed review based on purpose, audience and using content and available performance and industry benchmark data review. We review industry / market competitors, establish scored benchmarks to produce targets for development.
From £3,750 From £3,750

From £3,250

We can also carry out regular updates.

To find out more about how we can help you create a powerful and trusted web and email environment call +44 (0)20 8948 4562.

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