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How people use language to search online

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Training for online writing and content assessment skills

Choose from tailored workshops or general seminars and get your online words working harder

We help transfer and adapt your traditional skills to online media and work with you to develop your online content standards.

Our seminars – always delivered with a lively and questioning style – fix on the reasons why words produced for online work differently.

Our tailored workshops go much deeper, getting your writers and commissioners tuned-in to the specifics of your organisation or business, with exercises based around your needs and tailored examples from your own content.

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Workshop 1 - half day Workshop 2 – full day Seminar –
2.5 hrs
Interactive session designed for mixed groups of writers and commissioners within your organisation Interactive session designed for mixed groups, especially those with daily responsibility for online content Designed to raise awareness of the power and effectiveness of web and email content within an organisation
Includes collaborative exercises and group work based around your emails and /or website, to gain immediate and practical benefit while enjoying the experience Additional time allows for more detailed exercises and additional modules. Can also be designed as 2nd stage workshop. Focus on email or web or combined. Always engaging and fun Lively, fast-paced and engaging, these seminars are packed with examples and leave people inspired and focused

From: £4,500
(up to 15 people / includes support materials)

From: £6,500
(up to 15 people / includes support materials)

(up to 20 people)

Email us about your training needs

These are some of the topics we handle in our workshops to help you understand:

  • how people behave and read online
  • the differences between online information and print
  • why email and websites are different

Learn about:

  • creating online voices
  • transaction language
  • developing interface character
  • writing persuasive text (for people who ‘don’t read’)
  • different types of pages (click-through / product or service focus / transaction)
  • calls to action
  • commissioning and assessing online text (what is the online WOW factor?)
  • content selection

Gain insight into:

  • the role of text in creating brand experience
  • brand utility – how useful is your content?
  • user generated content and where it fits
  • SEO in the context of creating content that people really want
  • online editorial principles

Your workshop will be designed to meet your specific needs after detailed consultation.

Sessions are usually delivered on site and we don’t use computers. We’ll also run follow-up ‘clinics’ and produce post event support materials, such as writing style guides. Ask for details.

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What people say about our workshops and seminars

'Passionate presenters. Useful tips'

'Really clear workshop. Very enjoyable and enlightening'

'Very well presented - dynamic and eloquent'

'Content fresh and lots of good examples and stats'

'Good, intelligent intro to what needs addressing in the medium. A really good rethink'

'Very well presented, understanding of our company and business impressive and able to give answers to any questions'

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CDA were part of the world’s first dedicated Content Strategy conference with Clare O’Brien’s talk on evaluating content


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