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10 top tips for web and email copy that gets results

  1. People read with their eyes online. Only one part of the page really counts in the 2 seconds you've got to get people's attention. It's an F shape just under the banner and to the right of any left hand navigation.
  2. Emails and web visits are 1-to-1 experiences. Think about striking up a conversation rather than broadcasting to an audience.
  3. Use plain, direct language that requires hardly any decoding.
  4. Keep paragraphs short and punctuation simple.
  5. Make sure every heading, sub headings and link carries clear information. Avoid jokes and puns.
  6. Make sure your links are easy to spot and can help people decide not to click and as well as what they'll find when they do.
  7. When we're looking for information online it's much easier to find if it's grouped like a series of index cards, rather than the rigid conventions of a book or brochure.
  8. What makes the internet truly different from every other communication medium is connectivity. Every web page can be connected to every other web page. But too many connections can mislead and confuse.
  9. Search engines read your pages as well as humans. If you want to be read (and found) - make sure you pay attention to the content that a machine will find.
  10. People evaluate your brand online based on their personal experience. Make the content you produce is useful and always think about what your user wants to do rather than what you want to say

Punctuation, punctuation, punctuation

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Quick tips for web and email success

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