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A useful website is the most powerful thing on the internet

Everybody recognises something which is useful - even if it's not directly useful to them

But poorly written or concieved web and email copy can 'get in the way' of this usefulness.

What you write online needs to be clear and helpful. But online content is not the same as traditional offline print. CDA has identified 3 critical types of online content:

  1. Attention texts - these are the key words and phrases our eyes seek out first and should be used in navigation, headings and links.
  2. Ambient texts - used to establish your tone of voice and the mood of your web pages and emails. They set or reflect your character in those often forgotton areas of a site like error messages
  3. Delivery texts - generally longer and more detailed. These should only be used in the destination areas of online customer journeys, product descriptions for instance.

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