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Increasing purchases by 25%

The client
Hypnosis Downloads sell self-help hypnotic audio downloads. Their market is global but with particularly strong uptake in the US. CDA have undertaken a number of projects for them.

The challenge
Hypnosis Downloads’ online sales process has been developed over time – with help from CDA – and has achieved minimal attrition rate. Turning its attention from pure conversion rates to increasing shopping basket value, the company focused its attention on encouraging customers to buy more than one download at a time.

What we did
Given that a ‘multiple purchase’ discount was already available, Hypnosis Downloads came up with the concept of download ‘bundles’, grouped under a theme and chosen to complement each. These were initially marketed to customers through Inspired Minds, the monthly newsletter we also produced for Hypnosis Downloads.

The bundles were added to the purchase process. If someone was buying a download that was part of a bundle, the bundle copy appeared on the purchase confirmation page as an option.

Download bundle

These texts were produced in-house before CDA was asked to consider the bundle copy as part of an overall review of the purchase process. We made a number of changes, including simplifying the initial download selection and removing unhelpful parts of the transaction form. We also changed the way the bundle offer was described.

Download bundle

The aim was to clarify the discount benefit, without customers having to hunt for information, and clearly stating the contents of an available bundle.  We also added more emphasis to the money-back guarantee by replacing the word ‘normal’ with ‘100%’.

Page before changes
Page before changes

Page after changes
Page after changes

What HypnosisDownloads say about us – 25% uplift
"The changes CDA suggested have not only made the copy a friendlier read, but more importantly they have increased the number of people selecting our bundle option by over 25%. This has resulted in a significant increase in the overall value of their shopping carts, and therefore our bottom line."
Roger Elliott, co-founder

What we learnt from the project
“Online purchasers need information that can be assessed at a glance. Making discounts very visible and clearing away verbal clutter are critical.”
Anne Caborn, CDA


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