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Content strategy underpins any web or email project

Investment in content strategy pays you back many times over. It frames your audience and what they want in the context of what you’ve got to offer.

It includes making your website findable and your emails relevant. It aims to make your users’ experience satisfying - to brilliant - while optimising your conversion results.

Building a content strategy this good takes investment – and not just budget. It needs team commitment, time and constant review.

CDA uses a blend of consulting workshops, planning meetings and a series of its methodologies to include all content owners and bring into focus every aspect of content, from its concept or discovery through creation and delivery.

These are a couple of our approaches...

Vision & purpose workshops: Address topics such as what your content strategy needs to achieve, how people will find and use it, how it integrates with the rest of your business... These workshops scope the project, while inspiring and committing team members.

Digital blueprints: These include user experience, touch strategies, e-commerce, search, information architecture, social media, email / contact plans and structures, measurement and analytics, editorial plans, resources and schedules and archiving. The blueprint is the foundation brief for all suppliers.

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CS Forum 2010, Paris

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CDA were part of the world’s first dedicated Content Strategy conference with Clare O’Brien’s talk on evaluating content



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