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Measuring content effectiveness - CUT

CUT (content usefulness toolkit) sets out to measure content usefulness as the clear and definable feature that people recognise and engage with online.

This is because people adopt different behaviours when approaching and using online content, as opposed to offline content. They go online to actively do, while offline behaviours are more passive.

Three principles of online usefulness that underpin the CUT:

  1. It’s good value and therefore worth my time / my money
  2. It answers my question/s
  3. It connects with my world

CUT is being developed by CDA and includes tools that define market expectations of an online property, audit whether or not these expectations are being met (and remedial recommendations), feeds a content strategy, sets metrics to monitor key indicators of content success or failure, and continuously measures live user response to content by targeting what hasn’t worked.

By combining some or all of the toolset components, a set of standards is being created that will be synthesised into a single scorecard indicator to quickly let content owners to target failing content for optimisation or deletion, and successful content for development and replication.

In its entirety, CUT:

  • Measures content effectiveness
  • Diagnoses specific issues with current content
  • Helps create useful content that people respond to
  • Drives content planning cycles
  • Helps control content budgets

CUT Score

The toolset falls broadly into four distinct modules or stages which are:

  1. Insights benchmarking: what people want/expect from an interactive experience
  2. Audit analysis: producing a specific fix-list with recommendations or content plan
  3. Metrics & analytics collection: tracking behaviour and triggering survey
  4. Engagement diagnostics: continuous conversations score content / adjust plan

To talk about CUT call Clare O’Brien on 020 8948 7636.

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